Scarlet Letter Chapter 8 Essay

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Entry 8 – Chapter 8 The elf child and the minister After Hester and Pearl attempt to visit governor Bellingham, Hester became overwhelmed and feared losing Pearl due to the extravagant rumors that were taking place within the puritan community. Hester is then force to defend Pearls upbringing and argue among the magistrates to prove the puritan, catholic, and Christian morals that are enforced (yet not the most effective, as pearl does not have a father figure in regards to the puritan religion). Both Hester and Pearl are continually pressed with degrading questions focusing on past sins and how pearl is the remnant of the atrocious act, it is here where Dimmesdale occurs – (Here Hawthorne reminds us of Dimmesdale role in previous chapters, how kind. Yet odd …show more content…

"Speak thou for me!" cried she. "Thou wast my pastor, and hadst charge of my soul, and knowest me better than these men can. I will not lose the child!” (Hawthorne 112-113). Dimmesdale is described as a persuasive speaker and exhibits his power to do so, as he sways the magistrates and Governor Billingham to change their mind. Dimmesdale is able to do so by in cooperating puritan ideals and prove how Hester’s parenting is sufficient. Dimmesdale uses religion to his advantage, first by stating that God bestowed Pearl to Hester, then explains why Hester chose to tell Pearl- her birth was a religious “Burden”. (Hester told pearl that she has no knowledge of an earthly father and instead a heavenly one – As Pearl is a Living “A” or a scarlet letter). Dimmesdale continues to use this as a reason for the community an example of sins and its affects. Oddly it seems as if he is pained when explain why he agreed with Hester, specifically when - Pearl reminds Hester as her pain and joy which is an act of God., and disturbing this balance would not allow Hester and the unnamed adultery to face

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