Scene On The Catskill Creek Analysis

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The painting I chose was Scene on the Catskill Creek painted by Frederic Edwin Church in 1847. Church was born in Hartford, Connecticut to a wealthy family. Also a student of Thomas Cole. Church settled in Hudson, New York with his family, which is what inspired him to paint many of the landscape paintings. Church took wilderness itself as his subject. The painting is quite fascinating because it pulls the viewer into the painting from my perspective. When I walked around in the museum, I almost gave up looking at all the paintings, sculptures and found Church’s painting at the last minute. Church dramatizes the beauty of the American landscape. Aesthetically looking at the painting, I can almost feel like I can go inside and just feel the beauty of nature. The serene sound of nature, maybe some birds chirping and the water flowing. It would smell amazing because it …show more content…

During the trend, many artists rose including Church with the landscape paintings. Everyone was urbanizing and it was rare to find such a serene place like Catskill, New York. Church made it happen when he attended art school while being a student of Thomas Cole, who was also an emerged artist from the 1800s. This painting is oil on canvas and it was painted by the Hudson River. The setting that Church used was soothing based off the painting because after looking at the painting multiple times, I truly feel that I can go inside it. The interesting thing about this setting is that there was an art school at the time called The Hudson River School. Church was only 21 years old when he painted this magnificent piece on the canvas. With a mentor like Thomas Cole, Church became an elaborate artist at a young age who made many more paintings. Most of Church’s works are landscape paintings, but it is the beauty of nature and emphasis in the painting that stands out against other

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