Science And Religion: Examples Of Religion And Science

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Paul Chalus
Mr. Corso
December 19th 2017
Religion and Science
Religion can help answer questions that could not be answered from a scientific standpoint. Religion and science do not contradict each other but they can be used together to benefit science. If religion is correctly applied it can give science a purpose. An example of this how the earth was formed or how life developed on it . Religion can be used as a starting point for science, religion gives science something to prove or disprove.
Many people believe that science and religion contradict one another but this is not the case. Religion can be used as a basis for science. There are several examples of religion leading to scientific discoveries. An example of religion and science working together is the theory of theistic evolution. “Theistic evolution represents one response in an attempt to solve the perceived conflict between the Bible and firm scientific evidence. Theistic evolutionists attempt to resolve this conflict by accepting mainstream science. They accept an old age for the universe and Earth, in addition to evolutionary theory. They accept natural cause as a viable explanation for how the universe came to its present state. They want to be accepted as men of science, yet desire to be viewed as Christians. They believe in some type of god. Despite claims to the contrary, their belief conflicts with the Bible and its teaching about God as creator. The term “theistic evolution” is an

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