Search For Identity In Patricia Leavy's Blue

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Blue is essentially a story of searching for identity and creating your own family. Written by Patricia Leavy the story follows three college roommates, as they each piece together who they are in their life after college. Following each characters involvement in relationships and inner dialogue, the book addresses the challenge young adults face coming out of college with finding their identity. Through her story life, Leavy has weaved together sociological themes that relate to identity seeking. Leavy’s book is a story that demonstrates how individuals form identity because it highlights themes of sociological theories, dramaturgy, and socialization. Though Leavy’s Blue is a work of fiction, the book is grounded in interview research and personal observation. As the story line shadows three postgraduate young adults, it includes sociological themes of identity formation. Tash, Penelope, and Jason are roommates, who are working various jobs or are in graduate school and struggling in different relationships. The characters are seen struggling to configure their identity through the relationships they are in and their occupations. Observing each character, the book draws attention to the inner dialogue and struggles they …show more content…

Goffman’s idea presents that people are dramatic in nature, in that they have a front stage and a back stage. When people present themselves to others, the front stage is how people want to presented and viewed by others.. The back stage refers to the natural personality of individuals, when they are representing themselves without any pretense. The story creates situations that highlight how interactions “bump” back stage struggles. In the book, Tash criticized others for missing people or not seeing what was really going on in a situation, while she herself did not see the back stage struggles her roommate was

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