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A child or adolescents with Seasonal-affective-disorder (SAD) is a typical child, magnified. The normal ups and downs, anxiety and growing pains are all exaggerated during the episodes with Seasonal-affective-disorder. Parents are able to have a great impact when it comes to helping a child cope with this disorder. There are many things they can do to lessen the symptoms and ensure the child will have quality of life. ~ Get some exercise with the child It is not terribly important what kind of exercise and activities the child participates in. Simply getting a child with to participate Seasonal-affective-disorder is a great thing. It may be xbox or WII games that use some major muscle groups. Although these are indoor activities they still…show more content…
With this illness patients typically either sleep way too much or not enough. Help the child establish a good routine.Yoga may help a parent and child both relax the mind and body and get ready for a restful night 's sleep. An alarm clock that begins lighting the room and uses soothing noises that can get louder may help the child wake up in a more peaceful manner. There should not be a television in the bedroom of a child who suffers from SAD. ~ Healthy food options There are foods that can help boost the mood and keep the blood sugars steady. Complex carbohydrates are an excellent choice to help fight SAD. Beans, brown rice, macaroni, oatmeal, peas, potatoes, and broccoli are a few good choices. It is amazing how many whole grains and complex carbohydrates can be added to the diet with very little work. Vitamin D is also very important and harder to get in the winter. Eating fish, eggs and drinking milk can help with that.< ~ Right attitude Telling a child they are sick gives them a reason to feel bad. Instead take the approach that there are many things we can do in the winter that are fun. Instead of talking about the negative, reinforce the behavior that will help the child feel

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