Secrets In The Shadows Summary

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In The Book Secrets In The Shadows There Was This Regular High School Student Named Roylin Bailey . Him And His Family Lived In a Small Apartment Building . He Had A Job At A Restaurant In The Town And With The Money He Got From That Job He Paid Some Of The Rent And All Of His Mother Car Payment . His Dad Was Very Abusive So He Always Told Himself He Wasn’t Going To Be Like His Dad And He Hated Seeing His Mother Down . Roylin Went To Bluford High . He Wasn’t The Most Popular Kid Either , He Failed Some Of His Classes And He Passed Some . One Day He Walked Into Bluford High And He Sat Down In His Math Class And He Had Seen The Most Prettiest Girl He Had Ever Seen . Her Name Was Korie After Class He Started Flirting With Her And Finally He Asked

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