How Did Richard Nixon Impact On The Environment

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Richard Nixon’s Impact on the Environment
The thirty-seventh president of the United States of America, Richard Milhous Nixon. Many people in the United States have their own opinion on this president. Some would say that President Nixon was a great president who did many things to help his country. Other might call him a crook. President Nixon helped our environment threefold during his presidency. Unfortunately, the majority of U.S. citizens either do not notice or do not care about these changes. Even though Richard Nixon was held responsible for the Watergate Scandal ,he did many things that have a big impact on the environment today. Before he resigned from office, Richard Nixon enacted the Clean Air Act of 1970 and founded the Environmental Protection Agency. Richard Nixon did many other great deeds that benefit the environment that we live in today.
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After Richard graduated, he attended Fullerton Union High School. Richard’s parents switched Richard to Whittier High in his junior year of secondary school. Richard later graduated from Whittier High third in his class of 207 students. Richard was offered a tuition grant to attend Harvard University, although his brother was still very sick and his mother needed to care for him. Richard then had to work at his mother’s store. He stayed in his hometown and started to attend Whittier College. His grandfather from his mother’s side of the family helped pay for his education. In 1933 Richard became engaged with Ola Florence Welch, the daughter of the Whittier chief police. They later broke up in 1935. In 1934 when Richard graduated from Whittier High School, Richard received a full scholarship to attend Duke University School of Law. Nixon kept his scholarship the whole time he attended Duke. Richard was also inducted into the Order of the Coif and also graduated the third in his class in June of

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