Security Auditing Case Study Ripley's

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Security continues to be a top priority at Ripley 's. New technologies and methods to protect our data and system is continually being reviewed.
Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards has a defined breach protocol that must be adhered to if an incident occurs. The breach protocol timeline is very aggressive with little or no time to research and negotiate with security auditing companies. Ripley’s is working to establish an ongoing relationship with a security provider that would be ready to go if needed.
Ripley’s has engaged a new company, Event Tracker, to assist in monitoring the over 1 million log events that our computer systems produce each month. The logged events range from informational to critical alerts. Critical or other high level alerts are then managed by Ripley’s IT staff. …show more content…

One that we have seen an increase in that is classified as “Whaling”. Whaling is an attack on a senior management through emails under false pretenses with requests for wire transfers or other fraudulent transactions. Ripley’s email malware prevention software company has developed some new features that we are preparing to enable to prevent this type of attack.
These new systems are a couple of examples of the continuing efforts at Ripley’s to protect our data and systems. Ripley’s IT is continuing to evaluate and implement new systems to have the right

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