Seeking Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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A hero may not be seen with a cape, but one who has the qualities such as persistence and justice seeking. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, to be considered a hero , the qualities of seeking justice and persistence are needed because these traits help with the well being of others in the world. Atticus Finch shows these qualities when he fights for Tom Robinson and passes his morals to his children. Furthermore, Martin Luther King Jr. highlights these qualities when he stands up for others despite the risks. Seeking justice is one of the most important qualities Atticus has, so he is considered a hero. Due to the fact that Tom Robinson is an African American, Mr. Ewell wrongly accuses him of raping his daughter, Mayella. Atticus seeks justice when he explains why he is defending Tom Robinson: “‘ I know, and lot’s of ‘em probably deserved it, too-but in the absence of eye-witnesses there’s always a doubt, sometimes only a shadow of doubt. The law says ‘reasonable doubt,’ but I think a defendant 's entitled to the shadow of a [. . .] doubt. There’s always the possibility, no matter how improbable, that he’s innocent,’” (Lee 219-220). Because Atticus is seeking justice by defending an African American man and that he shows his children to do the things they believe in, he can be considered a hero. Since African Americans are seen as inferior, Atticus does the unthinkable by helping him and sparking a movement in the racist community of Maycomb. Furthermore, Atticus

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