The Role Of Segregation In Today's Society

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When people think of segregation they think of what segregation was sixty years ago, people think of the type of segregation when African Americans were divided from whites or in other words restricted from specific things. Segregation has never disappeared but has changed dramatically since then. De facto segregation is still at large in today’s society. The type of segregation that is happening today is when a person or family chooses to move to a segregated area. They are practically forced out of their former town because they usually cannot afford bills and taxes and move to a town with lower bills. The type of segregation that happened sixty years ago was when blacks had to use different facilities and were limited to different jobs. …show more content…

Family could get sick and possibly die if they do not have a shelter to provide. Shelters like red cross can only be a family’s shelter for so long. Families can only stay in a shelter for so long. Shelters are meant for people or families to temporary stay until they can find a home. Some shelters kick out families after so long if they refuse or cannot to find a home. Many basic needs cannot be provided to families in shelters and must live by the rules of the shelter. Families that move to live in affordable housing do not usually live in a good environment. Education in that area is usually segregated and holds a poor learning style. Some public services are not provided and you would have to go to other towns to use them like library’s, parks or schools. Poor housing can define a community and there income rate. Very few cities or towns with poor housing and income are a suitable lifestyle for children. Cities or towns with poor tax or income rates cannot provide certain services like parks, public restrooms or even sidewalks. Most houses that unemployed people takes up do not meet the requirement of the family’s needs in order to …show more content…

Poor housing is mainly take up by a high number of African Americans, this is caused from low income which leads to poverty, shelters cannot be permanent and a number of poor houses, apartments do not meet some of the crucial needs for families. Unemployment and low wage jobs are home to a fraction of the African American population. Low income for medium to large families make it hard to maintain a suitable lifestyle, low household income will lead to poor housing and segregated education which includes low funding to meet educational requirements. Now after you have read this article you may ask yourself, well this explained it but what can we do about it? Well right now some simple and easy things you can do right from your chair could be donating to shelters like red cross and others, donating to schools that you know have low funding rates, if you live in a highly populated city you might see some people without a home and give twenty dollars or so to them to help them live. Paying attention to segregation should be towards the top of our list and if the government and citizens of the United States can do something about it, poverty and segregation will be at its low percentages like it was forty-five years

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