Sensation And Perception Essay

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Throughout the course of history, sensation and perception has been one of the most reviewed and studied topics in the world by many researchers. The reason that is, is because by having the knowledge of how sensory and perception work, we can then come to have a better understanding of how are even able to come to turns of what things are in this world. It is believed that sensation is one of the most important topics in psychology because it helps give light to how the elementary consciousness process works. Then with the addition of perception we are able to understand and perceive what it is we are sensing so that we gain a better understanding of our surroundings and the world around us. Although sensory and perception are the main stars of the developmental process, there are other subtopics within sensory and perception that are just as important to gaining knowledge to help a person throughout the rest of their lifespan.

Sensory and Perceptional Development
Sensation and Perception
Sensation and Perception are an interrelated phenomenon that has the whole world questioning their meaning to our development in early infancy …show more content…

Nativists are the ones that have the ability to perceive the world in a competent, organized way is inborn or innate. Later in life we find that as adults we are able to abstract and structure knowledge that lets us makes predictions and inferences from that knowledge are there are two ways that people argue on why that is. Empiricists have argued that there are only specific and limited "learned associations between particular pieces of evidence. While nativists are the ones to say that the abstract structure could not possibly be learned and that it "must be in a place

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