Separation Of Religion

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Currently, there is much disagreement on the topic of “Separation of Church and State” in the United States. Separation of Church and State is defined by Justice Black in the case of Everson vs. Board of Education as, “among other things, that the government cannot participate in the affairs of a religious group, set up a church, aid or prefer one religion over another, or aid or prefer religion over nonreligion.” This means that governments, federal or state, in the United States may not directly use any religion as a basis for policy or laws, or show favor toward a particular religion or those of no religion (Separation). Many people oppose this act because, they feel that their rights to religious freedom are being trampled, that the United …show more content…

This conclusion most likely comes from ideas stated in the “Mayflower Compact”. This document was written to govern the Plymouth colony founded in 1620. The settlers formed the colony to escape religious persecution from their home country. Because the settlers were of the same faith, they based the Mayflower Compact on the teachings of Christianity. This agreement between the Puritan settlers of Plymouth was the first form of government created in the new world, however, it was not the form of government on which our country was founded. The Mayflower Compact was eventually phased out in 1691, as many new colonies were created and united under a new form of government (Mayflower Compact). All forms of government presiding over the colonies of the new world were eventually phased out when the colonies came together in revolt against the tyranny of British rule. The United States Constitution was formed as a result of this revolt and is still in practice today. While it is true that the original settlers of what is now known as the United States governed themselves on Christian beliefs, the United States itself was formed on the ideas of religious equality. While it can be surmised that the United States was greatly impacted by the teachings of Christianity, it is improper to conclude that the United States …show more content…

While the majority of adults in the United States identify as “Christians”, it is important that tolerance towards those of other faiths and denominations is shown. It is also important to note that religious tolerance impacts more than just those of faith, it also applies to people of no religion. James Madison, founding father of the United States wrote in a letter to William Bradford that “Religion or the duty we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, being under the direction of reason and conviction only, not of violence or compulsion, all men are equally entitled to the full and free exercise of it according to the dictates of Conscience” (Loconte). These ideas influenced Madison’s writing of the first amendment of The Constitution and are relevant even

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