Serge Schemann's When The Wall Came Down

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The book when the wall came down was written by serge Schemann the story is

a non fiction and it 's all about a author fore the New York Times named serge how is

writhing an article about the Berlin Wall being taken down after the wars were all

finished. Which can be found in the chapter six from page 50-56 . It was also about both

sides of the wall the east Germany and west Germany sides one was with the U.S. And

the other side is under control of the Soviet Union with all there conflicts. This can be

found in chapter five from page 40 to 50. It spoke about World War Two and how the

Berlin was split into two parts after the war. This can be found in chapter three from

page 23-33. with all the people crossing the border between the two sides of Berlin …show more content…

This information can be found in chapter four and five from page 33 to

page 50. Family 's were finally back together with the wall finally down people could go

back and forth from both sides freely now that it 's all controlled by one side. This

information can be found in chapter eight from pages 62 to 69. On page 69at the end it

states that for the East Germans this story has a happy ending.

This book was a decent book that was wrought by serge Schemann about the

Berlin Wall and why it was made in 1958 to when it came down in the year of 1989 on

December 16 and every thang else that had happened in between. You can find when it

was made on page 33 and were it was taken down on page 54. You can fined the other

information on pages 33 to 54.

The part that I licked in this book was when there was a protested to bring down

the wall so that the people how lived on the west side ran by the Soviet Union were

having lots of issues with there factory 's scenes the Soviet Union divided that they

would use there half of the land for factory 's and production. That made it to ware

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