Serious Drought In California

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Serious Drought California has been going through a major problem. The problem is water, California is going through a big drought. Lacking on water is a major problem because water is needed for almost everything. California has one of the largest food manufacturing in plants. Farmers use most of our water for growing crops and raising animals. If California doesn’t get enough water food prices are going to rise up. The increasing cost of food decreases the profit of a farmer. “I almost feel like farming will eventually become obsolete here.” ( Herbets 1) . Many people in California are facing horrible problems due to the drought. Some people can’t even shower because of the lack of water. …show more content…

Private wells take in groundwater. Private wells basically steal underground water near them. “If you own property, you can dig a well and you can pump as much groundwater as you want.”(Khokha 3). Farmers sometimes waste more water than they actually need. Wells can take water from millions of acres away. “Even if that means you are drawing water from beneath your neighbor’s property into your well.”(Khokha 3). People that don’t have wells feel like farmers are stealing most of their water. They are mad because they struggle to get their water and people with wells have more than enough. “You’ve got to put reasonable restrictions so people are only pumping out a reasonable amount of water that underlines their land.”(Khokha 3). California’s new law might affect farmers right now but will help them in the future. If California doesn’t regulate groundwater we will be in serious trouble in the future. If farmers keep wasting the water we have right now, we won’t have enough in the future. Regulating groundwater may also help people in need for water. “Groundwater is like a bank account. You can’t take out more than you put in on ongoing basis.”(Khokha 3). The more water you save right now the more you will have in the

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