Summary Of Water Controversies Soil Over By Mat Wiser

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In the article, “Water Controversies Boil Over”, from Sacramento Bee “Opinion” section, published on APril 26, 2009 by Mat Wiser. He argues the conflict about conserving the water. Mat wiser exclaims that in the next year nations will fight over water, because it’s not being handled in the most efficient way it should be. Water isn’t being handled efficiently, and that kills land, food crops, and animals ecosystems. Mat Wiser says that, “There is probably enough fresh water available to meet humans needs the problem is poor management of water, which results in scarcity and conflicts,” (2009 Wiser). Water is being overly stored for farms, when a extinction on Salmon is at risk. Farmers can make a new system to preserve water for both growing crops to standards they like, but not killing an ecosystem of Salmon at the same time. For example, they can put in better irrigation to water their crops and land so it doesn’t become dead. …show more content…

So many lands, farms, fields of fruits and vegetables are gone because of the drought. All this happened because of a shortage of water from once green and healthy crops to dead dry brittle crops that are abandoned by a drought. For example, we had to cut back on watering my lawn and it went from a green lawn to a dead lawn, because of cut backs. Mat Wiser said that, “ Water will become one of the defining limits to human development and a compound factor in human misery,”(2009 Wiser). If we don’t have water we will die faster without water than food, we can’t be greedy on something that we thrive and survive

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