Pros And Cons Of Population Control

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Why Population Control is Needed
While it is not a fact that bigger families are happier, it is a fact that the Earth is running out of space. With an estimated 7.3 billion people living on this planet as of now and 2 billion more people are estimated to join the current population by 2050, the world does not have the space nor the resources to keep these many people happy. Whether people like it or not, something has to be done about the growing human population. If the human population continues to grow without anything to slow the growth, humans will die out along with the Earth. Because humanity will run out of resources, there will be economic issues, and there will be serious contamination to the environment. Population control needs to be implemented into countries by governments. The first reason the world needs
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“As the population rises, the world 's water usage will rise. Many areas of the world already suffer from a lack of fresh water,” (Population Control 3). If the world runs out of freshwater, humanity will plunge into chaos. Humanity needs water to survive, and that is a fact. Relationships between countries will be broken apart over disputes for water. Citizens may revolt and attempt to overthrow the government as they would want to gain water by their own methods. Humanity needs to think about future generations and if whether or not they are going to have enough water to live. According to the article “Population Control”, animals will be hunted into extinction if the population keeps growing. Animals are essential to the survival of this
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