Serum 2216 Lab Report

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The investigation was carried out to identify the presence or absence of biological molecules in serum 2216. If the concentration in each test tube of the dilutions carried out will be more concentrated then the concentration of the test tube before it, then the color will be at an equal concentration with the other dilutions performed. The hypothesis was wrong because of the difference in concentrations due to the different measurements within the dilutions done. The test for starch was to add a drop of iodine solution to the pipette in the spotting tile. A reducing sugar solutions is add inside a test tube with 3 drops to then add 3 drops of benedicts and plane in a water bath. In a non-reducing sugar 3cm cubed and 10 drops of hydrochloric acid is placed in a test tube for a water bath of 5 minutes to be mixing afterwards. Biurets reagent is added to the protein solution to determine it presence. Testing for …show more content…

The addition signs for each test on serum 2216 illiterates how concentrated the molecule is like purple for example was the most concentrated due to the amount of addition signs in the table. For Macromolecule test 1 and 2 the sample was diluted. Both the concentration and decreased by an equal set of intervals. The volume of distilled water is what was added and the results illustrate how deeply colored each concentration was. Each cup was diluted with the test pertaining to it with a syringe that explain the volume and the concentration is from heating or mixing the sample throughout the investigation. Macromolecule test 1 differs from the second chart by testing non-reducing sugars in the first test and proteins in the second. In depth the lab required to heat the sample at times, mix them, and add them to a warm water bath of 100 Celsius. The following graphs were obtained by following the guidelines within the

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