Effect Of Temperature On Amylase

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Research question

What is the effect of temperature Amylase activity?

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Background research
Enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up a chemical reactions. They do this by decreasing the activation energy(the energy needed to start the reaction) of a chemical reaction. The enzyme present in our saliva is called Amylase. Amylase increases the rate of reaction by decreasing the activation energy needed to hydrolyse the starch molecules. These enzymes have a secondary and tertiary structure and this could be affected by increases and decreases in temperature beyond the optimum temperature of the enzyme to work in. Mostly enzymes are highly affected any changes in temperature beyond the enzymes optimum. There are too
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The time taken for the bluish -black color to fade away (color of Iodine solution mix with starch solution ).

The rate of enzyme reaction

Minutes (min)

Table 1.1 – Table shows the controlled variables in the experiment variables Units
Measures of controlled variables.
Concentration of amylase
Amount of amylase/starch
Ph of the amylase/starch

The concentration of the Amylase was kept at 1% at at times throughout the experiment.
5cm3 of both will be used in each reaction. pH of the Amylase/starch will be kept the same.

Environmental conditions
Atmospheric conditions

The controlled variable Concentration of amylase was kept under control by measuring the amount of amylase used and also it was made sure the percentage of amylase used was 1%. The Amount of amylase/starch used were kept to 5cm3 at all times.

Materials needed

Bunsen burner
Test tube
Test plate
Glass rod
Amylase solution
Water bath
Iodine solution.
Test tube holder


First 5 test tubes were taken and labeled with numbers from 1 to
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5 water bath were set up each to10 °C. (5 were used do the experiment faster)
5 cm3 of starch solution were added into the 5 test tubes that were labeled test tubes.
Then 5 cm3 of amylase enzyme was added into the other 5 test tubes that were labeled.
Put one of the starch solution test tube (preferably the one labeled 1) and one of the test tube containing amylase into the water bath (10 °C). Do the same for the other test tubes.
Let the test tubes not be disturbed for about 3- 4 mins.
Then add the Amylase solution to the Starch solution and start the stopwatch (immediately).
After every 1 min take one drop from the test tubes and place then in the test plate that were

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