Sex In Brave New World Essay

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, explores themes of sex and human suffering. Due to the themes in this book it has even been previously banned in Ireland, India and some schools in America. The novel offers sex as a prominent tool in The World State’s society while human suffering is eradicated through the use of the drug SOMA and conditioning from the government. This may sound positive at first but it is truly unfortunate. Biologically, sex is the base of human reproduction and adaptation but in The World State, sex is not needed because laboratories can mass-produce humans like a factory. Sex is not a taboo topic like it is for our society. Sex is even encouraged and celebrated but the type of sex humans are having is mindless and loveless. …show more content…

People believe they are happy due to the conditioning from the government. They received unethical conditioning from Hatchery and Conditioning Centres in order to conform into being content in their government produced lives. The novel explains that people think they are happy but they are really just content, which is not the same as happiness. By not being exposed to the rises and falls of live they do not experience true human life. John, the savaged learn this from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which is a form of art that is illegal in The World State. All forms of art explore the fact that human suffering is apart of our human experience and without it we cannot fully experience happiness through love and passion. Religion is also illegal in The World State. If suffering does not exist there is no need for a God. In Christianity suffering makes one closer to God and in Buddhism nirvana is the after-life freedom from suffering. Buddhists believe that life is full of suffering and death is the ultimate release from suffering. Religion is supposed to prove hope and purpose for humans but humans in The World State do not feel hope or purpose. John, the savage knew this. This is the reason he inflicted suffering on himself in they only way he knew how, by whipping himself. John wanted to purge himself from feeling desire and lust by leaving polar opposite emotions of suffering. This rollercoaster of

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