Sex Offender Recidivism

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Effectiveness of Sex Offender Registries: Do They Reduce Recidivism? Sex offenders are commonly viewed as the worst of the worst in regards to criminal offenders. Their heinous actions instill a sense of fear among the victim and society at large. Following an offender’s release, regardless of their crime, there is a high likelihood that the offender will recidivate if they are not successfully integrated back into society. Specifically, it is often assumed that sex offenders are highly likely to recidivate and that they will continue to be perpetrators of sexual offenses. Nationwide, lawmakers have enacted policies that have been designed to decrease rates of sexual recidivism and attempt to ensure public safety. In response to such growing …show more content…

Duwe and Donnay (2008) conducted a study, which examined recidivism rates of high-risk sex offenders in Minnesota who were subject to broad community notification in comparison with two non-notification control groups. The study found that the non-notification offenders had significantly higher rates of recidivism for sexual reoffending, which included re-arrest, re-conviction, and re-incarceration. However, community notification did not have an effect on general reoffending. This particular study suggests that SORN serves as a deterrent effect as it applies to sex offense …show more content…

Such potential consequences may explain why some offenders fail to register upon their release. Being a registered sex offender may make it difficult for an offender to maintain employment. Their offense may cause them to lose their job and make it difficult for them to obtain another. They may have to settle for a job that is not accompanied by a livable wage. This and their label as a sex offender may also make it difficult for them to find suitable housing. As a result of their offense, they may have difficulty maintaining previous relationships with family and friends, especially if their victim was someone they knew. Also, sex offenders may be subject to physical assault, harassment, and other forms of victimization due to the public knowledge of their crime and their

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