Sheep Heart Dissection Lab

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The purpose of the Sheep Heart Dissection lab was to take a look at the heart's anatomy and all the parts that it consists of. This lab helped us learn how the heart is able to function, and gave us a hands on look at what a real heart looks and feels like. I worked on this lab with Jose, and Alex. We completed the procedure in one day of class, and had the questions completed by the second. Methods We participated in this lab by carefully following a procedure. The first procedure was to locate and identify different veins and arteries stemming off the heart. We labeled the pictures in the packet according to what we saw. We were then instructed to make an incision along the length of the heart. We continued to open the heart up and inspect the inside. We were able to see all the valves and chambers inside the heart. We used a probe to check out the different valves inside to see the vein or artery they belonged to. Results/Data …show more content…

I had a lot of insights when I participated in this lab. The feel of the heart was solid with only a little give. It reminded me a lot of the tennis ball we had to squeeze during the heart stations. We also used a dull probe to feel down the aorta and I was shocked at how far the probe when down. The biggest realization was when we looked inside the heart. I was amazed by the chordae tendineae, or ¨heart strings¨. They really looked like bunch of strings inside the right ventricle. The questions included the measurements of the heart and a lot of labeling on the anatomy of the heart. I noticed that the labeling was tougher than I thought it would be. Our heart was the from the same animal but they looked very different to me when we compared the picture to our heart. The questions about what hold the valves together and which artery or veins go along to which chamber helped me further my understanding of the heart’s

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