Pig Dissection Lab Report

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On this pig dissection we started off by taking the pig out of the bag letting some of the fluid drain off back into the bag so we will not get it everywhere. Then we placed our dissection mat down on the table laid the pig down on it and tied the pigs legs down, and back so we will have a good view of the abdomen region of the pig. We then identified the sex of our pig which in fact we had a female pig.
We took our scalpel and started at the top of the throat of our pig cutting not so deeply so we do not cut any of our organs inside of the pig or cut straight threw the muscle system of our pig. We took and opened up the pig while looking at our muscular system and identifying the features of this pig. The next step in our process will be taking the scalpel once again and cutting all the way into our pig …show more content…

So we were not able to see how long they really were but we were told they were supper long like 2 foot or more.
Then we were done doing the real dissection so we were told to dissect anything we want to so we moved up to the cranial region and took our scalpel and cut the skin away from the skull. And took a pair of bone clippers and cut right threw the skull opening up the cranial cavity viewing the brain it looked nothing like I figured that they would look like then scooped out the brains with our fingers and it was nothing but a heap of brain in a little pile. After taking the brain out we were actually able to see the spinal cavity which was actually pretty cool to stick my fingers in and actually feel the spine. And it was pretty easy to identify the veins from the arteries because they had taking latex die and colored them different colors one was blue and one was red so we could tell the difference between

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