Sheriff Tom Poppell's 'Praying For Sheetrock'

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In the book, Praying for Sheetrock, the nonfiction story center on the oppressed black people in the county ruled by a corrupt sheriff Tom Poppell and his people and preyed on the tourists passing through the county on their way to Florida where residents rely on the goods from the wreckage. This is one of the way how people survive in the county and sheriff Tom Poppell is mainly responsible for this to happen. The white minority control almost all the political and economic power in the county. Even though there were many unfair and racial problems, the people in the county remained peaceful and calm. In order to make the community stays silence, sheriff Tom Poppell and his people used their power to make sure races in the county were divided. …show more content…

Sheriff Tom Poppell will not definitely fall and he will still be able to continue his control on the county. If not, most of the control will still be held by the white people, in favor of sheriff Tom Poppell. The number of injustice case among the black people will increase due to the racial inequality and they will not likely to come to a peaceful resolution. There is no chance for the black people to get elected and play a role in the county position if it is without the guidance from legal experts such as Thurnell Alston being elected to the county commission which was never held by a black people in the county. The situations may likely to end up in the violence, with the fatal result to both sides, but more for the black …show more content…

After several racial incidents, the black people could not take it anymore of the injustice and inequality occurred to them so they decided to go against to the people who made to them by seeking legal advice from an expert group. Finally, the black community retained some of the positions from the whites and sheriff Tom Poppell has lost his influence in the county which led his to death later. Thurnell Alston got a role to involve in the county positon and he worked on to improve the quality of life in the

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