President Eisenhower Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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President Eisenhower, in his address to the country, more specifically the people of Arkansas, discusses the inevitable situation involving racial segregation occurring in Arkansas. Eisenhower’s purpose is to convey to the country that he will fight to preserve the decision that the Supreme Court came to on racial segregation. He adopts a personal tone in order to convey to the people of Arkansas that he understands how they feel in this situation. After establishing that he will do whatever is necessary to protect the rights of the students and connects with the Arkansas people by addressing the fact that his decision wasn’t based on his personal beliefs, Eisenhower shifts his focus to validating the citizen’s feelings of anger and feeling slighted. Eisenhower through logically crafted arguments asserts that he will use his powers to ensure the students’ rights aren’t withheld. The first example of his rationally designed statements magnifies the idea that …show more content…

He states this with so much emotion that it is obvious that Eisenhower is attempting to tell the citizens that he has a personal connection with them which allows him to understand how they feel. This statement has to be the icing on the cake, in the aspect that it truly summarizes everything that he was trying to do in the way of communicating with the people of the South that he completely understands how they feel about the decision and situation because he feels the same way, due to the personal connection they have, which is based off of their similar knowledge and

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