Case Study: Shoreditch

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The capital city of England is divided into many districts and one such inner city district is Shoreditch. It lies within the modern Central London and the historic East End of London immediately to the north of the City of London. The suburbs of Shoreditch were quite alluring and charming thus, known to be a great place for tourism. Moreover, it’s been quite long that Shoreditch became a fashionable and famous part of the London city. Also the prices of property and land have risen now to a great extent.
It is said that the city’s trendy brigade has moved to Shoreditch and also attract plenty of tourists all round the year. However, still much of the area maintains its urban edge as the shops and front walls are all covered with graffiti. …show more content…

Rivington Place is a place that is dedicated to art and diversity. It house powerful installations and is built purposely as an international visual arts centre in Shoreditch. It was commissioned by two visual arts organizations Autograph ABP and Iniva. These two are publicly funded organizations. This gallery was made for the purpose to promote the cultural diversity of visual arts. You will be surprised to know the completion cost of this modern art gallery which is £8 million. Other than an art gallery the space is used for large screenings, talks, seminars and exhibitions.
Stolen Space Gallery
Shoreditch itself is a glamorous place which is not only known as a shopper’s paradise, but is also well known again for art galleries. It is a galley that is well positioned and concentrates on exhibiting the urban themes and other genres including illustration, graffiti, tattoo art and comics etc.
The Purple Passport
This is the second piece in a mini-series on London’s coolest neighborhoods. With all eyes on London this summer, these areas offer a break from the sightseeing hordes and a chance to connect with the locals. Our last post explored the upscale bohemian charms of Notting Hill; read on to learn about the edgy urban vibes of Shoreditch and nearby enclaves Whitechapel and …show more content…

If you prefer your history with a dose of artsy eccentricity, head to nearby Spitalfields’s Dennis Severs’ House, an eerie experimental 18th/19th century period house that illustrates the lives of a fictional family of Huguenot weavers. Stepping back into the present day, keep up with the cool kids at Spitalfields Market, where you can haggle with aspiring designers at the fashion stalls or hobnob with the area’s new crop of yuppies in the organic produce

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