Short Story Halloween Boo's

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Halloween Boo-Boo’s
Halloween; a time of crisp autumn air, crunchy orange leaves, trick-or-treaters, and a season of change. This is where our story begins. Two Managers. One, a distinguished mother of three we will call Edith, a director at a Vocational Trade Center. The other, a corporate executive named Adam. Both respected in their fields of occupation and known to have elite business savvy. Both heralded as great managers and fine supervisors from former employees. While in my third year of teaching, I met Edith at a technical trade interview. I had been wanting to make a change to a vocational school in my field of teaching cosmetology. The interview went well and I was called to be the new instructor at Bonneville Beauty Vocational Academy. I was elated, because I wanted to share my talent with aspiring learners of my trade and had only been teaching for two years in a private school. The money would be better and the credentials; a benefit on my resume. I
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“Tracy, tell me about what you do and how I can help?” He spoke sincerely.
Since that time, he has been a steady believer of creating a culture of agile leaders. “He allows leaders to accelerate their own development by determining the kinds of leaders they want to be and in return, they are motivated to more fully align their behavior with their values and aspirations.” (Joiner, 2019, para 8). He is not afraid of giving any information out so I can increase my management experience. He leads me in budgeting expenses and often answers the hard questions on human resource issues.
He grasps the fundamental tasks of being a true leader by providing a supportive environment, waking the talk, empowering his people and nurturing from the bottom up. (Benson, 2015, p. 60). He embraces change and has been in the position I am in now, but with a different entity. Mostly, he never forgets to recognize us for our talents.
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