Short Story: Lark-Rise All-Girls Public School

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Tilly was new in Lark-Rise All-Girls Public School. She was in grade six. For Tilly, grade six wasn’t the best year in her school life for she wasn’t the happiest girl in school. This was all because of a rough girl called Joe-Anne. Everybody followed Joe-Anne out of fear. Joe-Anne teased Tilly mercilessly, followed by all the other girls. They thought Tilly was “babyish,” just because Tilly was . . . let’s say she had a comfy body shape unlike all the others.
Tilly sometimes would go home crying. Her parents and brother, Martin, would ask what happened, but Tilly would never tell on Joe-Anne. Instead, she would say she had a headache or something, which obviously, as you may know, wasn’t the best choice. She thought that if she would tell …show more content…

“Well, make up your mind, queenie; I’m giving you ten seconds or else I’m choosing!”
As she started to count down, Tilly trembled, thinking, What am I supposed to say?
Before she could make up her mind, time was up. Joe-Anne whispered in a bone-chilling tone that ran up and down Tilly’s spine, “Time is up, sweetie pop! And I choose no!” With that, she screamed in Tilly’s ear and ran away!
Tilly couldn’t think of anything but to yelp with pain and burst into tears.
Tilly’s mother came into sight, sprinting over to her wailing little girl. She led Tilly into the kitchen. As she cleaned Tilly’s poor sodden face, she asked what had happened. Tilly spilled the beans like there was no tomorrow. Her mother gasped at the most appalling parts and seemed near tears at the end; indeed, one after another, tears slid rapidly down her mother’s cheeks. “Why, oh, why didn’t you tell me?” she repeated over and over, the tears overwhelming her face as she choked out those words.
Immediately, she called all the parents and explained to them to pick their child up right away. She saved Joe-Anne’s parents for last and explained for them to come over at that instant so that they could have a little talk. She also invited the principal of Lark-Rise and their teacher. She explained everything and Joe-Anne got

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