Short Story On Jim Brennan's Birthday

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It is Jim Brennan 's birthday. He wakens on this humid August morning, startled by birdsong echoing across the garden outside and, for a long time, he stares in confused remembrance towards where the swelling orange sun is burning the faded floral wallpaper across from his tumbled bed. 'It 's my birthday, ' he finally realises. 'I 'm seventy-six today. Where did it go? ' Climbing painfully from a sore mattress, standing in striped pyjamas by the window, Jim stares gardenwards. There 's much too be done. Later. Much later. These days it 's all weed killing, backache and wishes. Outside in the sunrise garden roses are already awake, clematis climbs like a growing child and all the border marigolds are on fire. 'It 's my…show more content…
' Life is strangled with polite lies. Jim walks home through the heating streets towards sanctuary at seventy six. In his armchair in the parlour looking out on the road. Hearing the parlour 's ten time chime and the long day stretching ahead like a dreadful eternity. The terror of ten a.m. Nothing to do and outside bright girls hurry through the morning, sun on their heads, time on their hands. Feet clattering, black tights, skirts just short of sin. Making promises. I 'm glad I 'm not young anymore. Jim despises this time of day. Already too hot for the garden and nothing to fill the mind until making something at lunchtime. Light sustenance for the long afternoon lengthening drearily ahead like an empty road going nowhere. Jim tries to read but even in glasses the words are a blur. 'Ellen, ' he whispers and her name rings in his head like a tolling bell. Ellen Kelly, Kelly Ellen, Kellen Nelly. Jim plays with her. His eyes close. He becomes delirious with dreaming and hears distantly the brass handle under the Brassoed letterbox clattering once. Jim shuffles down the hall and when he cautiously opens the wide door Ellen is there, fifteen and lovely, framed in the sun like a miracle. Ellen

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