Should Doctor Assisted Suicide Be Legalized Essay

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Whether or not doctor assisted suicide should be legal is a very controversial subject right now with terminally ill people petitioning for the right to die on their own terms and stop suffering. Doctor assisted suicide is only legal four States out of 50 in the United States. The topic has sparked many debates about whether or not legalizing doctor assisted suicide is the morally right thing to do. I think doctor assisted suicide should be legal for terminally ill patients.
Although I think doctor assisted suicide should be legal I understand that some people think it’s morally wrong and people’s lives should end naturally. However we have to realize that these people only are living with incurable illnesses and are in excruciating pain. I think it’s wrong to force them to continue living like that if they do not wish to. The opposing side also says that doctor assisted suicide is against their religion but they have to realize that not everyone in the country has the same
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As the article “Assisted Suicide: a Right or a Wrong” said there are people who disease, handicap or condition leave them unable to take their own lives. Assemblyman Luis Alejo wants doctor assisted suicide to be legal so his Vietnam veteran father can die with dignity if he chooses to do so as told in the article “California Assembly approves right-to-die legislation”. Some of these patients need help to end their lives and if they need it should be made available to them and they should be able to get it Doctor assisted suicide should be legal for terminally ill patients. Terminally ill people are just sad people who want to end their life they are people with incurable diseases who are living in pain. I understand that others feel that people should just die naturally while we try to be compassionate and comforting, but that won’t make their pain go
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