Argument Against Euthanasia In Canada

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Euthanasia literally means good death. However in our society euthanasia is intentionally ending a life in order to relieve suffering or pain. There are two ways to put people to death you either do it with their will or against their will. if you put someone to death against their will we usually call it murder. But if I say “I’m feeling terrible kill me” would you help me to die?.so now we have euthanasia defined and assistant suicide and all these different terms very very confusing to the public because the public generally says “if I am in great pain and I am terminally ill and I am going to die soon why can’t I accelerate or make ease of my death?”. Euthanasia should be illegal because it is basically murder. But in Canada the majority …show more content…

I understand that they are in severe pain but if you just kill/euthanize them, then you are denying them of their final stage of growth and what lesson(s) they are going to learn at the final stages of their life .Because I think that it is during a terminal and incurable illness or something that you know is going to change your life,that people actually sit down and think about the way they have lived their life, think about the wrongs that they have done, and think of how they are going to prepare themselves, their family, and loved ones for their death. Not all people make use of this opportunity, but the ones that do usually try to build up or maybe even rebuild their relationships with their loved ones, and this opportunity will somehow give them a greater purpose in life. Therefore we should recognize the importance of the in conclusion euthanasia should be illegal and you should also know that God does not give anyone more than they can handle and that life is a sacred gift that god gave us because we deserved it and even I you are not religious or you do not believe in god life is still a sacred thing that should be appreciated and not abused. Therefore euthanasia should not be legal anywhere in the

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