Should Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Essay

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The Electoral College is 538 electors who vote to choose the President and Vice-President for the United States of America. The candidate who receives a majority of electoral vote gets the chance to sit at the desk in the oval office. How the Electoral College works: Every four years, voters have the chance to vote for who they want to be President and Vice President, but the candidates who get the most votes wins the state's electoral votes. The 538 votes gets distributed to each state, each state start that with three votes, The remaining votes gets distributed according to the population of each state. When voters go to vote, they're basically telling their state they want it to use their Electoral vote. The Electoral College …show more content…

The way it’s set up makes the people think they’re choosing the president yet in reality it’s the slate of electors who are choosing who they want in office. They basically give the people that look up to the higher ups false hope by leading them on. “For example Hayes lost with popularity, yet won the election (popular vote-4, 036,572 and electoral vote- 185). How? He got most of his votes from the NE area which caused him to win” (Document G). “George Edwards says the Electoral College violates political equality by ignoring small states and most larges ones and mainly focusing on minorities to will the presidency”(Document D). This needs to change so everyone can evenly vote for who they want. The smaller states rule the elections because they have the most power. “The states with the most electoral votes in California with 55, and Texas with 38” (Document A), which isn’t fair with some smaller states having only 3. Also each state doesn’t have the equal amount of votes, and the smaller states have more power behind their votes. “Each state casts only one vote, the single representative from Wyoming,

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