Should Kids Be Allowed To Participate In Intense Sports?

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Intense sports for kids
Over 30 million kids participate in sports and over 3.5 million kids get injured while playing theses sports. Maybe it has something to do with how intense the sports are. I am not saying this is definitely why but it is absolutely a possibility. Sure kids are going to get hurt sometimes but by not letting them play sports is like taking away their freedom. This is an example of when I was younger and got hurt during a sport and they did not let me play, I was absolutely devastated. This has become a big debate around the world weather kids should be allowed to play their sports or if it is too dangerous. Some people believe that kids should drop the sports for safety reasons. However I believe these kids should participate in whichever sports they choose because 1- They are kids and kids are suppose to have fun. 2- Everyone gets hurt every once in awhile and 3- It will maybe toughen the kids up so when they get older they could maybe go professional. …show more content…

On the other side of the debate people think that it is too much of a risk factor and that they should drop the sports. It is absolutely critical that these kids get to remain in their sports because they are kids and kids are suppose to have fun. O'Brien states that ” The parents think they're buying them for protection. The kids think they look cool."(O'Brien 3). This is a perfect solution to the problem the parents are buying these protectors for protection but the kids wear them because they look cool. CEO Rob Vito said It is the first time that chest protectors have been shown to reduce the risk of injuries. (hopkins 5). So far 37% of the world has decided to use chest protectors and more and more people are thinking about using them to reduce

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