Persuasive Essay On Why Do Sports Need More Safety Gears

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Sports need more safety gear By: jp Some sports are just rough and dangerous so they need good safety gear. Some of the most dangerous sports don’t have enough safety gear or they might not be good enough. A lot of people get injured or worst playing these sports because they are very dangerous which is why they need more safety gear. I think that if they improve the safety gear for these sports there would be a lot less injuries. In certain sports people get concussions and brain damage. In some sports like football to be more specific, players lose brain cells because of how hard they get hit in the head. There are very dangerous sports that need more protection than they already have. There are people in some sports that get really injured and that needs to be fixed by making the gear more …show more content…

According to an article I read, there are 8 million high school students participating in sports and those students can get hurt at any time and they probably know that, but if they had better safety gear they wouldn't have to worry about getting injured. Still even if they improved their gear they could still get hurt but it probably wouldn't hurt as bad because their gear is better and safer. Out of the 8 million student athletes in the U.S. there are probably about half our more it'd them that play a dangerous sport. I think that out of those 4 million or more there are about 3.8 or maybe more kids that get injured while playing these sports. It is important that all these dangerous sports have more protective gear because athletes get hurt a lot while playing these sports, but then it helps them be healthy and being an athlete is not easy but they help people perform to the best of their

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