Germane In Sport

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Germane to the physical health of youth in sport, it has always been a huge safety issue towards athletes. According to the Cheshire East Council, a local unitary authority of Cheshire East, “physical health is the essential part of overall health of an individual, which includes everything from physical fitness to overall wellbeing”. Physical health is a safety issue because youth injuries in sports has increased tremendously since the 2000s and instead of parent’s dealing with the facts, they should try to prevent this issue. Doctor James R. Andrews, co-founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute (2013) provided a fact from the American Sports Medicine Institute indicating “a five-to seven-fold increase in injuries in youth sports since 2000” (p. 4). Cheerleading is one …show more content…

She started cheerleading at a young age and is now cheerleading in college. Diani was a part of a cheerleading team name Crimson Heat All-stars; at this specific cheerleading company youth practiced year-round. The Crimson Heat All-stars company provides cheerleading practice, private lessons, tumbling classes, dance classes, and summer camp. Youth that was a part of this cheerleading team was required to enroll into the tumbling and dance classes when they first joined the company. Andrews (2013) says “competitive cheerleading squads… become more and more athletically demanding and potentially more dangerous on a yearly basis” (p. 76). Some individuals like to believe that cheerleading is not a sport, but with the statistics of the injury rates, cheerleading equals or surpass other sports in numbers. “From 1982-2008, collegiate cheerleading was associated with thirty-one catastrophic injuries and high school cheerleading with seventy-three. During this time, cheerleading accounted for 70.5% of college women’s catastrophic sports injuries and 65.2% of all high school female catastrophic sports injuries” (Andrews, 2013, p.

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