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Brekin Conn Argumentative Research Paper Mrs Hernadez 15 February 2023 I think Motocross should be counted as a sport because it is one of the most mentally and physically demanding sports. Also you can get injured badly. Lots of people say it is not very hard but they don't know how hard the riders have to work. Motocross is the toughest sport because you have to build up lots of muscles and stamina. You also need lots of grip and balance to even be able to ride. Some riders have to pay lots of money to even get in a race. Why is Motocross a sport.”Dirt biking is a mentally and physical sport”Is Motocross a sport? – Eagle Editorial ( .It takes lots of mental health to even try to do the sport so you have the right mindset. You need lots of physical health because you have to have a lot of strength to control something that weighs more than 2 times more than you. Your physical health can also help if you crash you can lift the bike back up and start …show more content…

Motocross is very expensive because you have to buy lots of protective gear. You also have to get the dirt bike which costs like 15 to 50 thousand dollars with all of the addons. The race fees to get in a race can be anywhere to $2000 to $20000. “It can cost anywhere from 2000 to 20000 dollars”How Much Does it Cost to Race Motocross? - Risk Racing. This is how motocross is one of the most expensive sports. Motocross is a very dangerous sport. Riders can get really injured from going really fast then losing control of the bike. There is lots of risk of crashing and getting run over. Some riders go whiskey throttle and they can lose control but they slam on the throttle. You can reduce the injury if you wear protective gear like a helmet and a chest protector. “Wear the right equipment to reduce injuries”What are the Risks of Motocross? - Risk Racing. That is why Motocross can be a dangerous

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