Why Children Should Play Sports

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Many people have argued whether or not we should have sports because of how much injuries have been occurring. Sports have been known for their injuries occurring more than traffic accidents, kids having the highest rate-59.3 incidents per 1,000 people," says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the reason why sports are played worldwide is because it expands the possibilities of a very successful future. These possibilities come from the healthiness that comes with training, the lowered risk behavior when joined a sport, and because sports teach life lessons.

the 1st main reason why kids should play sports is because it can lower risk behavior. This is backed up by the Australian Institute of Criminology who states, "A number of crime prevention strategies worldwide involve physical activities and sports as protection against crime." This statement is trying to say if everyone is involved in sports, then rates of bullying or other stuff will decrease because of the courage that comes with training which means standing up for yourself. In addition to this, the criminology also states, "Sports lowers the overall average of alcohol use." To back this up Criminology states, "Sports participants overall has been found to …show more content…

According to Thecharts.blog.com, it says, "The study found kids who play on 3 or more sports teams in a year, were 27 percent less likely to be obese, and 37 percent less likely to be more overweight than those who don 't play team sports." Basically, it is trying to say if you don 't want to face problems like higher chances of stroke that come with obesity than you should start playing sports to lower your fat. In addition to this, they also state, "Biking or walking to school from 4-5 days a week will decrease the obese rates by 22 percent." This means kids don 't even need to be a talented runner or play several sports to lower their

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