Should Libby's Dad Do Her Project Summary

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Do you think parents should do their kids work? In the Scope article “Should Libby's Dad Do Her Project?,” Libby wants her dad to do her project for her. Libby says yes, but her dad said no. Libby should be doing her own work. There are many examples from the argument on why Libby should do her own work, including she would learn more if she did the project on her own, Plenty of famous people have a huge failure and are still famous, parents who do their kids projects are making a mistake. First, Failure is a part of life and most of the time you learn something from it. In the article Libby’s dad says “I’m going to let you fail... Failure is a part of life. Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. Learning to cope with it now will help you in the future” (27). That quote showed that failure is not a good thing but it happens to everyone and you always learn something from failure, even if it's just a simple change it's something you learned from failure. Second, so many famous people have failed and it didn't change them as a person they are still who they are. For example in the text it says “ Plenty of famous people have had their share of epic fails too. Did you know that 12 publishers rejected J.K Rowling's first Harry Potter book? Or that Michael Jordan missed 26 game- winning shots over the course of his career?” …show more content…

She is an amazing kid that never gets in trouble. In Libby’s letter she brings up a great point that she never gets in trouble or does anything wrong, “ You know me dad, I never get into trouble. I always do my chores. I’m a good kid!”. That point was a very good one but in my opinion she only has one good argument point. Her only argument point was she never gets in trouble. Since she never gets in trouble she could have one slip up and her teacher would understand or she could not do her project as well. I still believe that she should do her own

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