Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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Student athletes often struggle with keeping their grades up in school. Not only do they have to study and have to do their homework every night but they also have to practice every day. Student athletes have to work harder than non-athletes to get their work done, but they can do it if they really put their mind to it. Most student athletes depend on their grades to get in the college of their dreams and play for their favorite team. They need good grades in high school if they want to get accepted to their dream school and play college ball. College coaches look at the look at the students grades from high school to determine if they want them on their team or not. That is why it seems problematic to me why some student athletes don’t care if they’re barely passing as long as they are eligible to play. Most student athletes struggle at getting their work done or turning it in on time because half …show more content…

As a full time student athlete I am constantly reminded that school comes first either by my coaches, parents, or teachers at school. Its really important to me to succeed in school not only to make my parents proud but also so I know at the end of high school I won’t regret anything and all my work will finally pay off. I know it is extremely hard to manage your time as a student athlete, but I also know that anyone is capable of doing it. It hard being a student a student athlete because unlike the regular student population I can’t go home right after school and start on all my assignments because I have practice for two to four hours a day everyday and if I don’t have practice I have a game and I am lucky to get home before sundown. Although I come home drained almost every night I know I have to complete my work or else I will fall behind, and if I’m behind in school than what is the point of being an athlete if it is not going to get me

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