Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Essay

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A single citizen’s vote really does not matter. The Electoral College has been around since 1787 has a part of the Constitution. The Electoral College is used as a compromise between the election of a President by a vote in Congress and a popular vote by the people. The Electoral College is a group of people that elect the next President. The Electoral College should not be changed or abolished, but kept the same. The American government should make no changes and keep it as it is. When no one candidate wins the majority then the House of Representatives will choose the winner, and whichever major political party controls the House will choose the candidate of their party. “Since no one received a true majority (51%) the vote went to the House of Representatives, where John Quincy Adams was selected over Andrew Jackson.” (Doc 3). The National Republican Party had slightly more control on the House of Representatives than the Democratic-Republicans which is the party Andrew Jackson was running …show more content…

“Each state shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress.” (Art 2 Sec 1 US Con, Doc 2). Depending on how many people live in a state determines how many electoral votes that state gets. Also each state gets two Senators so that adds two to the amount of electoral votes a state gets. For example California has 53 districts within the state so they get 53 Representatives in the House and two Senators in the Senate so California gets a total of 55 electoral votes, which makes them an important state for candidates. In Doc 4 the map shows how many votes each state gets and the Electoral College helps give the smaller sized states more power in the

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