Siddhartha Hero's Journey Analysis

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Siddhartha and Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey Comparison Every hero has a story. Whether it be rescuing the damsel in distress, or saving a quaint town from the destruction of neighboring village, each hero embarks on a specific path. This path is what seemingly separates each individual hero from another, but underneath the surface, the journey each hero embarks on is nearly the same no matter what the circumstance. This path is called the hero's journey, a twelve step cycle in which each hero obtains their end goal. This hero's journey is taken by a variety of different heroes in a multitude different settings, such as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars by George Lucas and Siddhartha in Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Even though Luke Skywalker and Siddhartha venture on different journeys, their journeys are much more similar than different, as depicted on the hero's journey through the ordinary world, the call to adventure, and the mentors.

The key similarities of Siddhartha and Luke Skywalker are especially evident in the first step of the hero's journey: the ordinary world. Before the Siddhartha and Luke Skywalker started on their path …show more content…

In order to follow their path to adventure, Siddhartha and Luke Skywalker must leave their families behind. In Siddhartha, Siddhartha must leave his mother and father behind to become a Samana. In doing so, he is abandoning everything he has ever known, with solely the faith that he will reach enlightenment to guide him. As for Luke Skywalker, once he had set out to find Obi Wan Kenobi, to whom the message was addressed, his aunt and uncle are killed by storm troopers. This loss is the point of no return for Luke and he finally accepts his call to adventure. In accepting this call, Luke is also leaving behind the only world and lifestyle he has ever known in the course of his

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