Siddhartha's Journey In The Story Of Siddhartha

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Siddhartha walked miles away from the city and knew that there is no going back from this point.He thought that he had lived for many years uptil now and had faced all difficulties and happiness in his life.He was completely depressed and fed up with his wealthy life and thought that there is nothing else in the world that can give him happiness.He reached at the bank of river where he met a ferryman during his childhood.He leaned against a coconut tree along the bank.In an utter desperation he thought of jumping into the river and fled himself from this troublesome world but then suddenly the holy word ‘Om’ came from inside his soul and his unconscious mind woke up.He realized about the foolishness he was going to commit because abolishing …show more content…

Siddhartha went to the ferry and saw that boat was just ready and the same ferryman who had once transported him was there adjusting his boat. Siddhartha immediately recognized him and then showed his desire to travel with the ferryman. The ferryman did not recognize him but was impressed with his physical appearance and accepted his request. During their journey the ferryman recognized him that he once dropped him across the river. Ferryman’s name was Vasudeva and was impressed with Siddhartha’s thinking and talking. Siddhartha had no money so he offered his clothes to Vasudeva which was shocked at first, but then accepted it due to Siddhartha’s insist. Siddhartha showed his desire to stay with Vasudeva and learn more about river which Vasudeva accepted with great pleasure. He offered Siddhartha with meal and wanted to listen about all the journey that how he got there and reasons for change of personality. Siddhartha was astonished with the listening ability of Vasudeva and wanted to learn this ability from him. Vasudeva told him that he cannot teach but Siddhartha could learn it from the river just like he learned. Vasudeva said that he transported thousands of people including

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