Silk Road Dbq

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Throughout history groups have worked together to profit and develop relations. In Asia the countries and groups of people developed the Silk Road, in Rome, the districts owned by the lords that governed them worked with the roman emperor to create a road system. But, these countries who have worked together have sometimes manipulated each other and took advantage of each other. Therefore, when groups work together they can create positive ideas, but in the end have negative outcomes. Firstly, throughout history strong powers have travelled to expand their empires. We can see this in the map in source A. The great powers of Europe travelled down to Africa and saw weak people and they then took the land from them. Europe divided the land amongst …show more content…

“The Camp David Accords were significant because it marked a peaceful solution to the dispute between Israel and one of the country’s Arab neighbors. Long disputed land claims in the region, fueled by religious differences, seemed to have taken a back seat to peace and understanding.” (Source C.) Before 1987 the Arab nations that surrounded Israel wanted the land that was the safe haven to the remaining Jewish community in the eastern world. Assassination threats prevented a peace treaty directly between the two countries. September 17th, 1978 “The treaty was signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin…”The negotiations were done in secret at Camp David, and were led by U.S. President Jimmy Carter.” In 1978 on September 17th, the U.S. arranged the negotiation to take place where the leaders of the countries could not be harmed by bias people. This shows how the influence of a country intervening in a situation can bring out a positive outcome. This is present in source E too. 1853, the U.S. sent U.S. Navy’s Commodore Perry with a letter from U.S. President Millard Fillmore. The letter contained the terms in which the U.S. would trade with Japan so they could fuel their ships on the way to trade with other countries, “Our steamships, in crossing the great ocean burn a great deal of coal, and it is not convenient to bring it all the way from America. We wish that our steamships and other vessels should be allowed to stop in Japan and supply themselves with coal.” (Source E.) Although the letter failed to convince the emperor to open his doors to the U.S., determined, the U.S. forced them to open their doors to them through gunboat diplomacy. With the support of the U.S., Japan finally opened up and built a great army and expanded technologically and economically as well as culturally. Therefore through the

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