Similarities Between 1984 And Fahrenheit 451

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Dystopian Showdown: 1984 V. Fahrenheit 451 The novels 1984 by George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury are both dystopian books. A dystopian society is when it is seemingly perfect but in reality not at all. The main characters in both the books get an eye opener of how their society truly is like. Both Winston and Montag serve a big purpose in their respective novels and they have many similarities and differences between the characters. In the 1984 book Winston is the protagonist, he doesn’t like the party, the two minutes of hate and Big Brother the man who is the face of the party. Winston is a man filled with hate for Big Brother. He works in the ministry of truth writing news paper articles and makeup people favoring Big Brother that the society believes. His purpose in 1984 is to show the readers the awful ways a …show more content…

They both like their jobs, Winston works in the ministry of truth where he rewrites and changes articles and make up people all in favor of Big Brother and the people believe everything they read. Montag is a firefighter, he burns books. It’s ironic that they both like their jobs because Winston is writing things in favor of Big Brother But he hates Big Brother and for Montag he is burning books but he likes books and actually hide some and read them. Another similarity between Winston and Montag is that they both were rebellious and challenged their government. Winston rebelled against the society by buying a diary to write his thoughts down about Big Brother which is forbidden, trying to join Brotherhood which is a group of people where their operation is to bring down the party, having a relationship with Julia which is also forbidden because they are from different parties and the only purpose in this society is to reproduce. Montag rebels by stealing books and hiding them in a vent. Also by reading and memorizing them. In Montag’s society books and education is against the

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