Similarities Between Abigail Adams And Declaration Of Sentiments

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Over the years, women all over the world have spoken out about the rights they should have as men’s equals. Since the start of the women’s rights movement in America, amazing progress has been made, and is still being made as time goes on. We would not be where we are today, however, without some of the great help of women such as Abigail Adams and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Both of these women wrote documents on the issue of equality, Adams writing Letter to John Adams, and Stanton writing Declaration of Sentiments. While it is clear that the two of them shared a very similar viewpoint, the way that they expressed their ideas in their writings differ in a few ways. The main idea of both of these compositions was that women must be seen as equal beings in order to gain equal rights. Letter to John Adams, a letter written to Abigail Adams’ husband, John Adams, a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed, was meant to address women’s rights through Adams asking her husband to include women in the new laws as the nation gained its …show more content…

While one was meant to be seen by a single person, privately, another was meant for the public. Adams’ letter, as previously stated, was only meant to be read by her husband, who would possibly be able to include women’s liberties as part of the nation’s new freedom, asking for him to please “remember the ladies.” Stanton’s declaration, however, was intended for a larger number of people and would be read at the Seneca Falls convention. The more people that were to read Stanton’s declaration, the more people that would be able to see exactly why women should have all the rights of men. This would eventually have led to women actually acquiring these rights such as the right to vote, as the Declaration of Sentiments began a significant portion of the women’s rights

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