Thomas Jefferson And Elizabeth Cady Stanton And The Declaration Of Independence

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The Comparison of Two Declarations
Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for what they believed; which was being free and equal from unjust rule or unjust laws. In the “Declaration of Independence” By Thomas Jefferson; Jefferson writes about his concerns about current Government ruled by the King of Great Britain in the United States and proceeds to list conflicts that many people face in the United States due to the King’s unjust treatment towards its citizens. In the end of the essay he persuades that the United States should separate from the rule of Great Britain. In another essay written like the “Declaration of Independence” comes the “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, in Stanton’s essay she writes about issues that women face towards unjust laws. These laws were to prohibit and limit a women’s rights due to the fact they are married to their spouse; an example of these laws was “denied... the facilities for obtaining a through education” (149) to clarify this quotation women weren’t allowed to receive an education due to being married. In the end she claims that the removal is necessary due to its unjust laws that oppresses women. She continues to claim that women should be treated equally just as American citizens; should be free and equal. To compare; both writers express their concerns and thoughts in their own writings but addresses towards different issues. In addition, they both use Pathos and Logos to convey

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