Similarities Between Antigone And King Shahrayar

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Throughout generations kings are portrayed as admirable and successful. Despite their mistakes kings have always been respected. In these two literatures, Antigone and The Thousand and One Nights, there are King Creon and King Shahrayar who encounter conflicts that shaped into new individuals. During the beginning of the stories there are similarities between these two kings. However, each story has a woman that helped them reflect on their decisions and show them how mistaken they were. Antigone and Shahrazad are both interpreted as two strong woman. They both have trust in justice and are assured that they can confront the conflicts. King Creon and King Shahrayar were both misguided and made assumptions due to their past experiences and willingness …show more content…

In Antigone, King Creon had just taken the throne and he needed to portray someone who had the qualities to be king. King Creon said, “of course you cannot know a man completely, his character, his principles, sense of judgement, not till he’s shown his colors, ruling the people, making laws,” (Sophocles 2.194-197). Therefore, King Creon knew that he had to be harder on his family and on the people of Thebes to show his capability to be a ruler. He was so focused on being respected and accepted by the people that his actions turn him into a stubborn, arrogant and close minded individual. As known, King Creon began to show his “true colors,” by denying a burial to his own nephew Polynices. King Creon’s ambition misguided him and created a man who would go thru anyone, including his family, to become a worthy king. He began to misguide himself and if anyone tried to make things right by going against him, he assumed they were trying to make him appear as a corrupted …show more content…

Antigone in some way knew that King Creon will not see reason. She knew that he was blinded and had already made his assumptions against her. Haemon on the other hand, tried to make King Creon become aware of the actions he was undertaking. Haemon told King Creon, “Now don’t, please, be quite so single-minded, self-involved or assume the world is wrong and you are right,” (Sophocles 2.788-790). Through these words it showed that people, including his own son, could notice how blinded King Creon had become. It is heartbreaking to witness his own son telling him about his misguidance and trying to mend King Creon, but Creon is aiming so hard to be completely perfect that he does not realize it. Many people tried to open his eyes, yet they were frightened by the power he hold. Tiresias, a prophet in the story, declares “stubbornness brands you for stupidity – pride is a crime” (Sophocles, 2.1136-1137). A prophet, someone who King Creon knew, trusted and had taken advice from in the past. Tiresias tried to warn him and change him accomplishing nothing. King Creon’s mind was set and no one could take him from his pedestal and determination. Through all these arguments, it is forewarned to King Creon that his actions are leading him to unfortunate

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