Similarities Between Caesar And Napoleon

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Another way Caesar and napoleon can be compared was their political mind. Caesar as well as Napoleon were both able to achieve vast political power as a result of being very politically savvy. Both realized that in order to take complete control of the government, you must have the support of the army which they had as a result of being generals. With the support of the army both future dictators enacted coup de tats. In the case of Caesar, after being fired from his position of governor of Gaul(modern day France), took the army which had been loyal to him, entered the Roman Senate building and took control of the Roman Republic. Almost the exact same thing happened with Napoleon. After both leaders took power they immediately eliminated their countries democratic governments, and replaced them empires with they controlled as emperors. …show more content…

In Caesars case he realized that Rome needed an economic overhaul because the nobles owned all the land, and the slaves did all the work so the people in the middle class and lower class had no jobs. Caesar made laws that would redistribute land from the nobles and give it to poor and middle class. In addition he also created the Gregorian month system and the names that he gave for the months are still the months we use today. In the case of Napoleon, he formed a the French banking system that is still used in 2015, rebuilt Paris after the French Revolution, created a fair justice system, and created stability and order in France after the revolution. They were both similar in the way they ruled, because they did many good things that helped their nations grow, and be politically stable. In addition they enacted brilliant coup de tats to usurp control. However they were different because Caesar's work was built around cropping up the middle class, while Napoleon's work was centred around not redistributing the economy but building it

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