Similarities Between Machiavelli And Alexander The Great

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In the opening lines of chapter XXI(20), Machiavelli states, "Nothing brings more prestige than great campaigns and striking demonstrations of his personal abilities". Starting with great campaigns, two rulers who had stellar campaigns are Ferdinand of Aragon and Alexander the Great. Not many can share such success in a campaign like these two greats had. Ferdinand skillfully used the military he had to attack France, Italy and more. He won with a reputation of being a man with outstanding ability. After marrying Isabella of Castile which was the first step to his domination and success starting in Spain. He had a successful run as king of Aragon. His achievements has Machiavelli described were "...all magnificent and some of them unparalleled" (XXI). …show more content…

He was doing an outstanding job, out doing almost everybody . He was undistracted and had no fear which are two keys into having a successful era according Machiavelli. Now discussing Alexander 's campaign, he as well had a swell campaign having an extraordinary run of domination himself. Alexander the Great earned that name for a reason. He was king of Macedonia, subdued Greece, crossed Hellespont against Persia, defeated Darius, then made himself master of Asia, and invaded India. "Alexander....died with his conquest scarcely completed..." (IV). Two examples of "striking demonstrations" in The Prince are Cesare Borgia and Francesco Sforza. Both were used multiple times throughout The Prince, showing that they made a great impact on the mind of Machiavelli. Cesare was a deacon them later on was created into a cardinal. He created, alliances (notable one is the papacy for the conquest of Naples, he was was created Duke and loads more of

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