Alexander The Great Hero Or Villain?

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Have you ever wondered who conquered the most land? What about if anyone constantly won wars?Or if even someone had a place named after them.Alexander The Great was all of the answers. Alexander the Great was known for conquering the most land in his time period.He also never lost a single war for as long as he lived and he fought tons of wars. Also he had a major city in his empire called Alexandria.Alexander The Great is a villain because he left his original kingdom forever after only ruling for 2 years,conquered innocent lands and people,and wasn’t good at ruling his own land. Alexander the great conquered many lands. He became king after his father Philip the II got murdered.Alexander went into countless wars and never lost a single …show more content…

But many of these lands were innocent, Especially because there was tons of murdering involved that the people didn’t deserve.“His faults - excessive killing, murdering friends and family, drunken - were dismissed because of his many heroic deeds...but he basically slaughtered anyone that got in his way.”(Alexander the Great:Hero or Villain?)Innocent means in this case that they didn’t do anything and didn’t deserve to be conquered and killed.But not all the lands he conquered were kept in good shape by Alexander. “He razed Persepolis to the ground following a night of drunken excess at the goading of a Greek courtesan, ostensibly in revenge for the burning of the Acropolis by the Persian ruler Xerxes.” (Ansari)The only lands that had a reason to be conquered was Greece because there was a rebellion between them and they needed to be conquered to have peace again. The other land that sort of had a reason was Alexander’s father, king Philip II, had a plan to conquer Persia but he died before he could execute it. Therefor, Alexander followed up on that plan and conquered Persia. But for the other lands, they were conquered for the reason of trying to be the best and conquer the most lands. Alexander ended up killing about anyone who got in his way, which totals up to 250,000 killed people in his lifetime.This makes him a villain because more than half the people that were killed, were completely innocent and didn’t deserve to be

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