Similarities Between China And Greece

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Throughout history, many civilizations have risen and many have fallen. These civilizations are from everywhere in the world, and many of them used different techniques to different things. However, at the same time, these cultures used some of the same techniques and tactics to rise to power. The Greeks and the Chinese are two ancient civilizations that are comparable in different ways. Some of the ways the two different cultures did things lined up, many of them were vastly different. However, the three that should be examined closely are the military, the government, and gender relations. These are three integral parts of any society whether it is an ancient society or a modern society. The Greeks and the Chinese are vastly different and …show more content…

Throughout the Chinese rule, different dynasties were in power and ruled differently. For example, the government of the Qin Dynasty was run differently than the government of the Han Dynasty. The government of the Qin Dynasty was very legalistic and punished the people for doing wrong against the government, “Legalism was the philosophy of the state of Qin, which destroyed the Zhou in 256 B.C.E. and unified China in 221 B.C.E.” Legalism was not seen as a good thing in China which eventually led to the Han Dynasty taking over, and even implementing different policies to show the Chinese people that they were nothing like the Qin rulers, “It took the emperor and his immediate successors many years to consolidate their power because they consciously avoided actions that would remind the populace of the hated Qin despotism.” The punishments were less severe during this time, and the government was Confucianized during the Han and the kings began to apply confucian ideas to the government. Another characteristic of the Han is that the government would set up small states to give the people a sense of independence, the government also did this to prove how different they were from the Qin. This can be similarly compared to the Greek form of government, which was independent city-states. The Greek form of government was ruled by a king, however, that king had to consult a council of noblemen before any action could be taken. This shows a form a democracy and a check and balance to the king. However,, the king did not have to obey the council.Although this was often frowned upon, “The king could ignore the council’s advice, but it was risky for him to do so.” One can view the Greek democracy even more when he or she looks at the fact that even the common people would be called to an assembly before a major decision took place. Even though these people

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